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Little Princess

Little Princess, the castle that you sit in,
Seems not to be made of brick or stone,
Instead, it stands atop a base of happiness,
A foundation I have never known.

Little Princess, I see you soaring so high,
On a cloud sailing, taking you to Neverland.
There you’ll stay a little princess forever, discovering magic;
Peace; dreams that you’ll carry in the palm of your hand.

Little Princess, putting that tipping tiara back in place,
Intricately weaving dreams, a stitch at a time,
Bringing them together out of nothingness,
A blanket to wrap yourself in when melancholy will chime.

Little Princess, frolicking amongst the flowers,
Remind yourself not of times that were coarse and brittle,
Learn to forget; forget the world that was before,
A time where you were not royalty, where you were just little.

Little Princess, your dress is tearing!
Coming undone, struggling to weld the seams,
The seams that threaten to wake you from your stupor,
Taking you away to lands where dead are dreams.

Little Princess, dare not look down below,
At the abyss to which you will return, the meadows that fade,
Vanishing and departing to the blackness where you came from,
A life where fantasies will no longer consolidate.

Little Princess, falling; falling from her abode,
Reaching helplessly for clouds that will no longer catch her,
Everything fades, all the castles she created obliterating,
Returning to reality, back to how things were.

Little Princess, you lied to yourself,
Your great wings were never unfurled,
You’re not royalty, you’re just a little girl,
Trying to survive in this mess of a world.

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