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A Starry Sky and What’s Within

The moon, it shines alluringly tonight,
bright, selfless, gracious,
like as if for the last time.
Though the night sky will perish hereafter,
engulfed, submerged,
by a force that only the moon sees,
I still witness its light kissing the crevices of the earth,
faltering, quivering, but never extinguishing.
I look in awe, for I feel the love,
the love that which the glowing orb feels
for the vast starry sky in which it sits,
smoldering as though it won’t henceforth.
A love so pure and devoted I long to feel,
for I know that the moon will never give up.
Even when the night sky will abandon it
with glittering rays of sunshine,
it will continue to glow, spreading love, elsewhere,
for its beautiful starry night sky.

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