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A Motionless Ride

He sits in the corner, surrounded by friends, just an average boy, laughing and smiling as his day goes by. He’s unaware that the quiet girl who passes by secretly steals a glance towards his face. He is not the best looking, but she is struck by the aura he possesses; the aura of calmness. The smile he mocks in the mirror, she finds it sweet and wonderful. She likes how he is kind with everyone. She likes that he cares about the poor, how he takes time out to throw askew wrappers into the garbage bin. It’s the little things that captivate her. But to her dismay, she is far too afraid to approach him, to give him some sort of sign. She is trapped in her own created heartache; heartache of having him so near yet so far away. If she would just say hi, the friendship that might be pulls at her heart strings. But she is too insecure to confess to the mediocre boy that she feels so strongly for him. She has a plan. She will wait it out, till she has forgotten him, till the feelings bring her nothing but emptiness that she must let go. Till then she’ll hope that he starts to see in her what she sees in him, then maybe he’d have enough courage to come say hi, before time runs out and the cycle must start again in her wayward mind.


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