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Monsters in her head

Emptiness fills her up, seeping into every crooked edge of her broken soul
An emptiness as morbid as the vacated hallway that looms ahead
The darkness, once terrifying, invites her into its chillingly warm embrace,
Engulfing her, absorbing her, a darkness from which she once fled

Her airy nightgown flutters against her bare ankles as she walks,
Ankles that are bruised and bleeding from walking upon the remains.
Do those remains belong to her broken pieces? She cannot tell,
Her mind slowly losing focus, as if bound and held back by chains.

The inside of her head is clawed and scratched, hiding a menacing secret
She calls them her friends, hiding behind masks, showing teeth that glow
They whisper things to her and make her feel what she feels,
They are the monsters in her head, that come out every night to say hello

She never tells anyone about them, and how they are all she knows now
they feed on her blood, they feed on her sadness and pain
She, who no longer felt complete, is accepted by these dark figures
She holds on to them, believing that they keep her from going insane

They sing to her at night, sweet sweet lullabies, that lull her into dreams
Dreams about jumping off bridges, insisting she could fly,
They make her want to have a life that is no longer living,
They make her want to turn her back to the world and say goodbye.

Unfazed, the world does not see the seemingly proper girl
Quite normal from her appearance, but disheveled from the inside
It angers her to know that her sadness is not enough to make them cry
It angers her to know that they do not know that all she wants to do is hide

They think when the world is quiet; it is the same for her as them
Unaware of the voices in her head, dragging her into a blackened cloud,
Wanting the world to know, that even when quiet, the voices never shut up
They insist that everything is silent; but did anyone ever hear silence quite so loud?


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