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Everyone has their own perspective, their own way of viewing things, be it good or bad. Perspective depends on the mental state of each individual’s mind. Perspective depends on each individual’s personality. Perspectives can both be good or bad. One thing that may seem like a blessing to me may be an affliction for you. The way I view things may be much different than how you view things. It is all a matter of perspective.

Take a light at the end of the tunnel as an example.
What comes to your mind? A ray of hope? Some sort of promise for a better tomorrow? For some that may be the case. However, for others, the thing that pops up in their brain is them standing on the track. And the light at the end of the tunnel is the headlights of a train fast approaching, that could possibly crush them under.

The feeling of being numb, devoid of all emotions.
Living in a world like such, that, my friend, is indeed possibly a blessing. However, when things look up again, when you’re no longer fighting the world, you will in all your heart want to feel the happiness resonate through you, to feel the content that now fills up your soul. But I’m afraid you won’t be able to. Remember when you prayed to God to not be able to feel anymore? You should have taken into account that that’s not how you will want to spend your entire life. Nothing is worst than wanting to join in the pleasure around you but being unable to do so. The numbness will gnaw at you and you will turn to horrific methods to make yourself feel again.
It’s all a matter of perspective.

Grotesque, ugly, freakish. That’s how you may view them. But to some they are a sign of healing. A sign of a battle fought; a sign that the past was real but they got out alive. They may never vanish, and they may always be ugly to you, but for the one who has them they are a part of them. They are who they were and who they’ve left behind. They are the signs that they’ve gone through hell and back; distorted and disfigured, but alive and whole.

Social gatherings.
Remember the friend you dragged to a party where they barely knew anyone? Did you stop to think why they were so resistant? Did you wonder why they literally begged you to not take them? Not everyone may be as equipped as you when it comes to social events. Some people hate crowds and new people to a point that it eats at their brains and makes them want to heave. Some people enjoy smaller gatherings with people they are close to. Just because you enjoy meeting new people and a large mob, your friend may not be feeling the same. And no, getting them “out there” will not help them, it will only make the situation worse, make them feel worse about themselves and may even elevate their social anxiety to another level. Do not enforce your perspective on another individual.

Be careful what you say about another’s opinion. You do not what they may be going through to think the things they do. Don’t look at things like a one dimensional object, try to see all sides. And be careful what you wish for, because what you’ll want today may not be the same thing you’ll want tomorrow.



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