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Black and White

A hint of red, a strand of pink, her innocent eyes looked ahead in wonder
Reaching out and touching the fading hues of the miraculous world
To the planet ablaze with colors, wanting to sink into them
Awed by the flush of shades as they braided and swirled.

Joyous, she ran in glory, tumbling and tripping but never falling,
Arms spread wide, open to the warmth of what the world had to give,
A smile plastered on her face, she was keen to let the colors seep into her
Thankful to mother nature for giving her the opportunity to live

This young girl, so innocent, so naïve, saw the side illuminated with grandeur
What lay ahead, or even beyond this colorful horizon, she could not have known
For then this was her world, the reflection vivid in her glinting eyes,
The world her canvas, colors from within her; content to be on her own.

Everywhere she went heads turned, she carried with herself a comforting aura
Afraid of it slipping away if she let go, she held on to the wonder in her mind
She often questioned whether the world really was as she saw or all in her head
But she knew better than to ask because that was an answer she was satisfied to never find

How pretty a picture she got to see, awoken everyday to the view of it
But over the years the colors changed, some days dark and some days bright
Wavering, quivering, faltering, sometimes there sometimes not
The rhythmic beating of the colorful world, changing tints from dim to light

Panicked, she would search for the tinge unable to find it at times of need
Shaking with fear, afraid to face what the dark may have kept hidden
Much to her relief, each time they’d come for her, braiding and swirling as always
Her breaths evening themselves out, exhausted from being dread ridden

Soon, her life became penetrated by dark frequently, maybe too often
By then seeing the swirling hues had become a rarity, as she slowly let go
She had learnt to cope with and even get used to the dimness
Accepting the fact that the world could not forever be aglow

She finally understood that this was her seeing beyond the colorful horizon,
Maybe the shades and the dancing colors had all been in her head
fathoming that this was indeed what the real picture looked like
Realizing, that all her life, by illusion she had been led

The colors began to fade and diminish, sometimes vanishing altogether
As she tried less and less to bring them back, gearing to say goodbye
Sinking into darkness, She was awed by its comfort as it held her close
Convincing herself that there were no more incessant colors blinding her eyes

Soon, her life had been replaced by gloom, no more reflection in her eyeballs
The darkness enveloped her, lured her in away from the trembling light
She should have never let go, the dancing colors a rarity even in her dreams
Each morning when she opened her eyes, now all she saw was black and white.


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