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The diary of a depressed teen

She was alone, so alone, but nobody noticed. Sometimes she felt nothing; sometimes she felt too much. It was overwhelming for her. She longed to join in the happiness around her, at the same time wanting to escape to a place where there was only her and start over. She had scars, scratches and bruises covering her legs and arms. She longed for someone to notice, yet she wanted no one to know. She was a walking contradiction. She hated the world. Most of the time she just hated herself since it was easier. She didn’t believe she was beautiful, because no one had ever told her so. She drowned herself in music and pain, afraid one day she wouldn’t be able to swim back up. She was just a sad, scared little girl in a world where she thought she didn’t belong. She felt more miserable than joy, yet to people she was the happiest. She wanted to live, yet all she thought about was death. She longed to be happy, if only someone would show her how.

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