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My skin itches, covered in wounds and marks unseen,
I rub and knead upon it, but sadly to no avail.
The skin I wear does not feel mine; does not look like it either,
I press against my head to forget, reliving my sorrowful tale.

No visible marks lie upon me, yet I feel where his hand grazed my skin,
So young and naïve, his actions I could not comprehend.
Terrified I stood, as he toyed with me and my underdeveloped mind,
Smiling down, as if innocent; actions against which I could not contend

All my life I struggled to find meaning behind his deed, a hint, a justification,
Unable to grasp, I wonder how to a child someone could be so vile.
Plunging under waves neck-deep, I reach for an anchor,
My anchor too, buried under a meaningless forsaken pile.

A war yet not lost, I sit ashamed of how I let my past affect me,
plaguing my mind, drowning me in sorrow so deep.
Yet I swim, determined to reach the anchor now visible,
A decision made that for myself I will no longer weep.

Dangling my legs off a cliff, I sit, staring at the vast horizon,
My problems don’t seem so important now.
Many have gone through worse than what I experienced,
Dwelling in my desolate pain I will no longer allow.

The wings torn off, find the creases at my back again
As I spread them wide, like an eagle in flight.
His actions do not define me, neither will I let them,
Leaving the confinements of my mind, I now have clearer sight.

I pull myself out from dismalness, the time to grieve is gone,
Stronger than I ever let myself be, the haze finally leaves.
I now believe I am not a victim, rather a survivor,
Try as he may, he could not steal my dignity away like thieves.

Reflecting upon the negative impact I let settle upon myself,
I now focus on bringing change to help others in dire need.
Soon many like me will carry the mark of warriors, a constant battle won,
A battle against ourselves  or the world, together we will succeed.

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