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When Winter Came You Left; What If You Were the One

My eyes follow bodies in motion across the crowded room,
They look through them, focusing on none
Coming to settle on a face, oblivious to my searching eyes
A face similar, but not the one

A tsunami of emotions hit me, plunging me neck-deep under a tide
A feeling of emptiness and sheer longing hits my forsaken heart
I struggle to fight the whirlwind of memories dragging me along
Along a road I least want to travel,  inevitably leading me back to the start

My emptiness resonates through me, the skin I wear not feeling mine
You left me months ago, yet I still feel the ache clinging to my desolate wounds
I feel pathetic wanting something that is now lost, clearly never returning
Our love now belongs elsewhere, buried under a forgotten mound

A feeling of inexplicable numbness has taken over my life since that day,
A void in my heart , bared to the world, yearning to be filled
Left vulnerable and exposed, I hate what you have done to me
You left, taking along a part of me, leaving the rest to be killed

Some days I’m strong and know in my heart that I will survive
Other days don’t quite match, days where I wonder where I went wrong
You loved me right, but you did not love me whole
Hearing things you did not want me to say did not fit into your song

You only wanted the good parts of me, things that suited you best
You loved my spring, but when winter came you did not know what to do
You did not like hearing me pointing out your mistakes
Now saying anything to you, is something I will have to forever rue

I needed you but that feeling was not reciprocated I learnt too late
As you left without second thoughts as soon as you got the chance
Did I expect too much or was I never enough
Did you ever regret the day and look back for a second’s glance

Having myself convinced, that I will spend the rest of my life alone
I try to forget the notion that I may be caught at the wrong end of the gun
Miserably trying to stay positive about my romantic endeavors
You’re gone now and i often wonder what if you were The One

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