Love · Poem · Poetry · prose

A Beautiful Trap

Never had the sun shone so beautifully on a pair of eyes,
I looked, transfixed, engulfed by an unseen force
I should’ve turned right then, something I learnt now,
Heading to a dangerous place, my heart adopted an unfortunate course

A feeling so strange made home in the pit of my stomach,
That day henceforth thinking straight was a trial,
Losing all composure, my train of thought swiftly derailed
Everything about him had me beguiled

Secret smiles and stolen glances had me plunging in a bottomless pit.
A crash inevitable, the pit as deep as his green speckled eyes,
Unaware, For him the world was still, as mine spun like a whirlpool
On a road of no return, my heart succumbed to heavy sighs

Questions unanswered began to plague, my mind so naïve
Unrequited, how a feeling so strong could remain
Standing near, could he not feel the reverberations of my heart
Paths uncrossed, his train of thought travelled in its own lane

Butterflies in the stomach soon became marching elephants
Losing control, a feeling of dire want quickly took over
Reverse, rewind, return,  my heart screamed in vain
Emotions spiraled as I struggled to regain composure

Stupid girl, he will never like you back,
the dark, and possibly the clearest, voice in my head whispered.
Convinced we were destined, I had hoped against hope
But that too was lost as my heart persisted to get blistered

Look at me the way you look at her, I pleaded
What do you see in him anyways everyone would ask
Those eyes, the smile and that heart was all I saw
As from him I hid my emotions behind a carefully crafted mask

Could he tell that I jabbered like a fool whenever he was around
Or how my heart picked up pace at the mere sight of him
Could he possibly read the thoughts in my wayward mind
Or how I would deliberately cross our paths on a whim

The ship I sail, with masts broken, carries on with no avail
Mastering the art of acceptance, I pretend it is not sinking
You will forget about him soon, my rational brain murmurs
Also knowing that that is just wishful thinking

Wanting to be the reason for the spark in his alluring eyes,
I continue to travel to the point of no return,
Heartbreak is inevitable, yet steadfast I stand
Till the day for him I will no longer yearn

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