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Feel Pain To Deal With Pain

A sense of foreboding takes over as darkness once again permeates her mind,
She lies not thinking, yet thinking too much, about why life is never kind.

Foraging for some tranquility, questions unanswered forever blight
Her morbid mind which, as it screams for help, seems to be losing an unwanted fight.

Bruised eyes and a face etched with scars gapes at a hazy mirror,
She hastily tries to push back thoughts, wanting to see clearer.

The blood in the sink questions her whether she could deny this sin,
looking on, she does not recognize herself, or rather the monster wearing her skin.

Her brain reverberates with helpless cries, a plea she would never voice,
Who would understand, who would assist, who would take back this destructive choice.

A slave to her brain, she cuts and cuts, till the skin breaks and can no longer be seen,
Regretting her bad decisions, her addictions and everything in between.

Her engravings become deeper as she lets whatever was left of her sanity subside,
answering her desires in peace, she revels in the power of what the night can hide.

Soon, the violent ringing in her ear slowly lulls to a calming hum,
Waiting all day for this moment, a sense of peace she can finally welcome.

Letting the blade drop to the floor, her heavy heart releases a sigh,
By then she has herself convinced, this is the only thing helping her get by.

She sleeps that night like in a trance, feeling nothing but an empty void,
But tomorrow she must wake up again, reliving what she hopes is destroyed.

The monster shall be awaken, whispering, luring her back to his dim haze,
She will once again reach for the razors, still a part of this endless maze.

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