Infinity · prose · Suicide · World · Writing

Save Yourself

She sits, dangling her legs off of the side of the tall building. Back and forth her legs swing, slowly, like the beating of her heart. One would think that the mere thought of being at a place so high should get your heart racing, but hers was the exact opposite. As she looked down upon the infinite world, for the first time she felt alive. It brought in her a sense of compassion; because it was in that moment she realized that she was nothing but like a speck of dust in that vast world. Her problems, her fears, her traumas were brushed aside as the revelation of them being trivial tugged her out of her reverie. This notion did not for once make her believe that her worries were not important. Rather, they instilled in her empathy for others. People, much like herself, were going through worse in that very moment and that line of thinking opened her eyes. She had been selfish the past couple of months, and that was permissible. But right then she decided that there was more to life than just herself. It was time to pick up the pieces and look beyond the confinement of her mind. She did not need a hero; a hero in the world needed her.

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