The Present

Don’t you sometimes think life is too fast paced? Going so fast that you forget the real things in life, you forget to take time out to notice little things around you. Everybody is so emerged and engrossed in life’s race that ultimately it sucks all the life out of us. People accept those who have money, those who are successful; and those who couldn’t quite keep up with the others, those who didn’t quite achieve as much as their counterparts are swept aside like dust. What others don’t understand is that sometimes people don’t want to run so fast, sometimes people have other things to do in mind rather than entering a competition they don’t really want to be a part of. Choice, or no choice, if you are left behind you are simply left behind. People who aren’t doctors or engineers, people who are artists and poets are condemned simply because they didn’t have the same ambitions as the others, because they weren’t as successful as the others, because they chose to follow their hearts rather than what pattern people had already dictated out for their life. To me, these people are the real heroes. Not those who simple carry on the legacy of the greats, but those who go out of the way of others and do what they want to do with their lives and not what others expect them to do. Today we got our result at school and all around I see people and children getting the top grades, But some are not a part of them. But maybe they don’t want to be it. Maybe they’re not as ambitious as them, maybe they don’t want to do the cliche, maybe they want to put my efforts somewhere other than what is expected. Is there something so wrong in that? There is a girl I know who is brilliant. She doesn’t listen to anybody, she doesn’t care about anybody’s opinion, she just does her thing. The best part about this is that nobody expects anything from her anymore, she does not have to live up to anything laid out for her beforehand. She is incredibly smart and I wish I was like her, brave like her. So why don’t we take time out to appreciate those who go against the odds, those who follow their passions and dreams, not the society’s. download

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